Hannibal Regional Healthcare System


Hannibal Regional Healthcare System (Hannibal, MO) is the parent company of Hannibal Regional Hospital, Hannibal Regional Medical Group and Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation. It exists to lead, support and encourage activities which advance physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional health through provision of visionary leadership, financial and other assistance to its subsidiaries.

Originally created in 1987 to facilitate the merger of Levering Hospital and St. Elizabeth Hospital, Hannibal Regional Healthcare System is a high functioning organization with an active volunteer Board of Directors, an effective leadership team, dedicated team members and a clear identity and purpose.  It is the home of support functions which best advance the growth and development of its subsidiaries.

The Hannibal Regional Healthcare System team is Mission driven, Values based and committed to preserving the legacy of our founders from more than 100 years ago.  Our team takes pride in continuing to create the future of healthcare for patients, families and communities served.

Your Health is Our Mission.

Vision:  Hannibal Regional Healthcare System is the preferred source of exceptional healthcare.

2014-2018 Strategic Plan Summary